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In the Netherlands, this dutch website is in fact one of the few reliable online resources for preparation on Catholic Matrimony.

Especially in the United States, the bishops conference has done a great job in providing a lot of useful information about Matrimony, the meaning of living a Catholic Marriage, the rites and options.

We don't have to invent the wheel by creating an entirely new website.

We just have to provide the road map to do the best preparation possible.

The copyrighted material you will find here, can be used by you in addition to your preparation with your local pastor, priest or deacon. If his language skills are not sufficient for you, use this!

May God bless you in your preparation on the most important decision in your life!

The links:

Note: The US and UK bishops will publish somewhere in 2016/2017 a new rite for Matrimony. The sites provided in the links above will follow that direction. The new edition of the Roman Missal as published in 2011 is to be implemented also for celebrating the rite of Matrimony, or Marriage as it was called until now.




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